To help celebrate World Bee Day we have put together a quick guide with information on bees, the World Bee Day and some videos, all courtesy of the Government of The Slovenian Republic who initiated the day at the UN. None of the content is our own (sadly) so we cannot guarantee its 100% accuracy. Hopefully it will be of use to adults and children, especially if home schooling! Enjoy…

Mobile games

Bee Day

Transform yourself into a bee and start discovering the Slovenian cities, mountains and countryside. On this trip you will encounter many flowers, but also birds, trees, and Bled boatmen, who will try to obstruct you when visiting flowers. With fast fingers and as many flowers as you can visit, you have to bring the bee to the hive in order to be able to continue in the new location.

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AR Bee World

Experience virtual reality by discovering interesting facts about bees, Slovenian beekeeping and Slovenia, and take a "selfie" with the indigenous Slovenian Carniolan honey bee!

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