Our Artisan Honey

In the depths of wild West Wales our bees pollinate the local wildflower hedgerows and meadows. As they collect pollen and nectar they produce a delicate yet refined crisp natural pure raw honey. We retain all of its natural goodness and flavours by not interfering with the honey as much as possible, just gently extracting and bottling it just as the bees and nature intended. This craft process, together with selecting the secluded and clean isolated apiaries while practising ethical and sustainable beekeeping ensures our success, where in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 we have won the Great Taste Award, each year of entry. Each year the honey will be different, with each crop varying consistent with the changes in natural variances of plant grows from year to year. Each colony is carefully selected ensuring that each jar is exquisite, but results in limited supply and rather exclusive.

For the honey connoisseurs, our celebrated authentic honey has a delicate flavour with high notes with wonderful floral aromatics. The exceptional and delicate flavours will tantalise your taste buds completely balanced yet complex in flavours. It is fresh and fruity. Take a look at the comments from The Guild of Fine Food judges for the Great Taste Awards, a blind tasting award where no packaging is shown and no names are known. It reflects a true comparison with other honeys, of which only two or three are awarded for Welsh honey every year.

Bee breeders Rhodri and Richard pooled knowledge and expanded Cilgwenyn Bee Farm in 2013 after keeping bees since 2004. Years of experience and expertise results in well maintained bees in a healthy and safe environment with their every need catered for so their important job of pollination can continue for a sustainable environment.

Taste the flowers. Taste the summer. Taste Wales.

Supporting bees and beekeepers

If you want to support bees the best way is to purchase locally sourced honey. Yes, you can ‘adopt’ individual bees or hives if you want a piece of paper about bees and the false sense of ‘owning’ any whilst parting with some of your hard earned cash to charlatans. If you truly want to support pollinators then consider buying honey. A good beekeeper will only take honey which is produced in excess from the colony and beekeepers nurture and look after the vast majority of colonies in the UK. There are solitary bees and flies that pollinate, but it is hard to support them in any way other than planting habitat. Want to support bees? Then buy some honey for yourself or others as it will help to secure apiculture. With secure apiculture there will be more bees.