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Award Winning Produce Direct from the beehive.

The Farm

Nestled in a secluded peaceful valley our bees reside in one of the most beautiful places in South West Wales. The bees generously allow us to live amongst them in an unspoilt area of Carmarthenshire.

After fourteen years of beekeeping with careful and considerate development of our methods, we specialise in the breeding of Queens and bees of superior quality that allows them to forage for the outstanding wildflower Welsh honey from surrounding areas producing our award winning Welsh honey. Our bees are also supplied to fellow beekeepers throughout Wales ensuring the future of beekeeping remains strong when bees are nationally in decline.

Our Award Winning Welsh honey

Honey drizzeling

Our award winning Welsh honey is gathered locally from the surrounding wildflowers with each colony specially selected ensuring quality remains throughout. Our Welsh honey is filtered delicately three times without heat and bottled on site ensuring that the quality of the product remains pure and raw, naturally rich in pollen just as nature intended straight out of the beehive.

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Our Bees & Queens

Our Queens and bees have been developed over several years ensuring superior quality suitable for our climate. Our bees originate from Buckfast stock, building on the very good work of Brother Adam of Buckfast Abbey in Devon. His work took him right across Europe, Middle East and in North Africa where after years of research and visiting renowned bee breeders he produced a bee perfect for our needs.

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Bees on the comb

The Bee Free Project

Beekeeping demonstration

We are proud to host the Bee Free Project, a project that encourages and teaches beekeeping to ex-service personnel experiencing mental health problems from their time in service. The project has found that beekeeping can help to overcome the daily problems associated with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and linked problems of anxiety and depression.

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